Sofia Spasic is a contemporary Colombian artist with a unique perspective on form.  With a background in interior architecture, she views the world as a place for focused beauty, leaving out the overwhelming and keeping the bare essentials. Her works begin as sketches and evolve into a very focal version of optical art.  She takes the classic one point perspective and pushes it one step further.

Using a layered approach, Sofia takes different elements to create one harmonious creation.  Every brushstroke creates a rhythm, an organized dynamic that creates depth and movement, giving focus to a singular element. Although they are minimalist, Sofia’s works are large-scale and powerful, creating a dramatic result.

Her pieces use contrasting colors, and are based on pure geometric forms which often repeat.  Sofia creates shadows and light which give her optical art the illusion of three-dimensionality.

The intent of her works is not to search for perfection nor special inspirations.  Sofia maintains that whoever appreciates her work should do so without too much analysis nor thought as the purest essence of her work is meant to be enjoyed as an experience. She wants her audience to understand one of her most important concepts: “We cannot find perfection where there is lack of simplicity”

The artist’s works have been in private collections in Venezuela, Colombia and the U.S.